2014 FSFA Follow-Up

Thanks to the hardworking volunteers of the Florida State Florists' Association for their hospitality at the 2014 FSFA Annual Convention in Weston FL.

2014 FSFA Follow-Up

FloristWare was honored to exhibit at the Florida State Florists' Association Annual Convention in Weston Florida this past weekend. Over the years we had heard great things about the FSFA and their convention from friends in the industry and clients in Florida for years but this was the first time we exhibited.

It was the most ambitious show we ever seen that was entirely a volunteer effort and it was an amazing experience. It's hard to imagine the work involved or thank them enough for their efforts. We would like to give special thanks to Gus and Deborah De La Flor, Rodney Canady,  Christie Brown, and Rick Rivers for their hard work and hospitality.

FloristWare also sponsored a session on pricing in the floral industry – specifically on ways that florists can break away from the traditional cost-plus pricing model prevalent in the retail floral today and embrace the more advanced pricing concepts created and refined by other industries and retailers. This session, presented by Mark Anderson of FloristWare, was very well received and generated great feedback. The interest was so strong that we're expanding the program for 2015.



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