2015 WUMFA Annual Convention Follow-Up

Our first trip to the WUMFA Annual Convention was a great opportunity to meet some amazing florists and wonderful people from Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

2015 WUMFA Annual Convention Follow-Up

Last year we were pleased to be able to sponsor business sessions from Tim Huckabee of FloralStrategies at the 2014 WUMFA Annual Convention. This year we again sponsored two sessions from Tim but we were also able to exhibit in the trade expo.

It was an excellent show, expertly run by Rod Crittenden and his hardworking team, and a great opportunity to meet the WUMFA members. Talking with them, and seeing their work through the show, was ample evidence that the florists of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan really are some of the best florists and nicest people in the world.

Tim's sessions were (as always) very well received. We are glad to continue providing this valuable business content to florists. FloristWare is the only independent POS provider that supports florists and the retail floral industry in this way – by paying for valuable content to florists free of charge at events like this. We also provided another business session, this one from our founder Mark Anderson, on how value pricing can be used to increase sales and profits when quoting wedding and event work.

Derrick Myers of Crockett Myers, an accounting firm that specializes in dealing with retail florists, was also at the show and presented two excellent business sessions. One nice thing about this show was that both business and design sessions were presented on the main stage, so attendees did not have to decide between on an the other.

FloristWare expects to be back at the 2015 WUMFA annual convention and we've already started planning for some new content.


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