AdvoCharge – Preferred Merchant Service Provider Status

FloristWare is pleased to have added AdvoCharge as another preferred merchant services provider for our florist clients.

AdvoCharge – Preferred Merchant Service Provider Status

We're pleased to have added AdvoCharge as another preferred merchant services provider for our clients.

Mark Tracy, the founder of AdvoCharge, has been doing a great job taking care of florists in general and some of our FloristWare clients in particular. AdvoCharge has a slightly different business model and we encourage our clients to check them out - they may save you money.

What does the "preferred" part mean? In the US it doesn't make much difference. FloristWare allows US merchants to work with any merchant service provider via the gateway. Our clients can, and should, go out and get the best credit card processing deal wherever they find it and we'll make it work. In fact we believe all merchants should review their merchant service deal at least once a year, maybe twice.

Sometimes however we see a lot of clients working with one merchant services provider. When that happens we'll look into it and, if it seems like they are offering good service and value, we'll endorse them as a preferred vendor. In no way does this affect the freedom of our clients to choose a merchant services provider - FloristWare works with whoever you choose.

In Canada it is a little different. There are a lot more rules and we can't use to offer blanket integration with all merchant services providers. Instead we have to go through an expensive and time-consuming process with each merchant services provider.

We are still committed to bringing you the greatest possible number of choices - choices equals power which in this case means lower rates for you - so we aren't resting with just one. AdvoCharge is the third merchant services provider we have integrated in Canada and there will probably be more in the future.



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