Another School Joins the FloristWare Education Program

Today we really enjoyed adding another vocational/technical school to the several that already take advantage of the FloristWare education program.

Another School Joins the FloristWare Education Program

Under this program we provide FloristWare free of charge to schools that train students who hope to work in the retail flower business. There are lots of excellent programs that turn out good designers – and that is an important and valuable skill - but real florists need employees, especially ones new to the industry, that can do more than just design.

That is what this program is about. We want to help our clients (and the industry as a whole) by helping schools turn out employees that come looking for a job already understanding floral POS.

There is another benefit for the florist as well. Clients near these schools have been able to take on students as interns because they were able to use FloristWare in the shop just like they were learning it in the classroom and training stores.

We have been offering this since 2006 - longer than most indepdent POS providers have been around. We are currently working with many schools and we're proud to say we have never turned one down. We are deeply committed to this project and will do everything we can to accommodate every shop that wants to participate. If your school is interested please contact us.