A Better Look At Your True Search Performance

Simply searching for your keywords is not an effective way to measure your search performance, and there are better ways to do it.

A Better Look At Your True Search Performance

Most florists have an e-commerce website that lets them sell flowers online, and are likely to be very interested in how their website performs in search. Even florists that don't have e-commerce capabilities are likely to have a website, and they too will want it to perform well in search so that it will drive customers to order over the phone.

But monitoring search performance is very difficult. It's tempting to just search for your terms, but these results are personalized for you. If your shop is called Acme Florist and it ranks number one when you search for "acme florist" it does not mean that it ranks that well for anyone else.

The reason for this is that search engines strive to give personalized results. Results that are best for the individual user, based on their browsing history, demographic profile, location, type of device, etc. That means different people can get different results for the same search.

So how do you get a better understanding of your true search performance? The best solution is to hire an expert that is truly an expert in the subject, but a company like Strider Internet Marketing. The specialize in not just SEO but SEO for florists. A company like this has access to specialized tools that allow them to provide much more accurate reporting on your true search performance.


Another Approach To De-Personalized Search Results

If you want to see more accurate (less personalized) search results quickly and easily there is an option. It's not as good as using dedicated (and expensive) rank-tracking software, or hiring a company like Strider, but it will get you better and more personalized information than just standard searching.

There is no known way to completely depersonalize search results. Even if you could remove all personalization your customers will be seeing personalization. Measuring search rankings is a fuzzy science, but the kind of depersonalized searching mention above gets you closer to neutral results.



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