Beyond Cost Plus at 2014 FSFA Annual Convention

Mark Anderson of FloristWare will present a Beyond Cost Plus pricing session at the 2014 FSFA Annual Convention.

Beyond Cost Plus at 2014 FSFA Annual Convention

This presentation, like the recent Beyond Cost Plus session at the Great Lakes Floral Expo, will explore how florists can use the advanced pricing strategies employed by other retailers to make more sales with larger profits.

The session will start off looking at fixed-price "catalog" products but will also feature a new model for quoting events - a model that will help florists sign more of the events they quote and see more money from them. This new material has been added at the request of some of the florists that attended the GLFE session and asked about it after the official presentation.

You can learn more about the session on the Beyond Cost Plus blog, and there are more details about the 2014 FSFA Annual Convention right here in the Industry Resources section of the FloristWare website.