Beyond Cost Plus at the 2015 GLFE

FloristWare is excited to sponsor a session at the 2015 GLFE focussed on helping florists increase the size and profitability of their event business.

Beyond Cost Plus at the 2015 GLFE

in 2014 FloristWare sponsored "Beyond Cost Plus" sessions at floral industry conventions and shows. These sessions were unlike any other in their focus on advanced pricing techniques and were very popular. In fact the feedback was so good that we're expanding the program for 2015, and we're pleased to announce a session at the 2015 GLFE, taking place in Grand Rapids MI on March 7th.


in 2014 we looked at how florists could apply advanced pricing techniques to their standard fixed-price products. In 2015 we're looking at applying those - and other - strategies in the event business.

Mark Anderson, Beyond Cost Plus Presenter

In 2015 the content will address a different but critical part of the floral business: pricing/quoting event work.

Pricing and quoting events (weddings, parties, etc.) is something florists do all the time, most commonly employing the traditional cost-plus pricing model. It is also something that can greatly benefit from advanced pricing techniques developed, refined and perfected in other industries.

The ultimate goal? To help florists improve their event business by booking more (and more profitable) events while also enhancing their brand image.

More information can be found on the Beyond Cost Plus events page.



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