Cirque du Soirée Banquet at the GLFE – Win Two Free Tickets

FloristWare is giving away two free tickets for the Cirque du Soirée Banquet at the 2017 Great Lakes Floral Expo. Just take this quick quiz on Michigan.

Cirque du Soirée Banquet at the GLFE – Win Two Free Tickets

The 2017 Great Lakes Floral Expo, one of the very best events in the floral industry, is just two weeks away. MFA members are already looking forward to another great weekend of education and catching up with their colleagues.

To help we're giving away two free tickets to the President’s Reception and Cirque du Soirée Banquet, held Saturday, March 4 at the Steelcase Ballroom in Devos Place. This year it should be more spectacular than ever:


In homage to Cirque du Soleil, the French-Canadian modern day circus, join us for a banquet designed to excite the senses. Cirque du Soleil tells a story with elaborate costumes, music, settings, mesmerizing acts, and extremely skilled performers. Creative costuming and owers-to-wear are encouraged to help portray the Great Lakes Floral Expo story on Saturday night.


For your chance to win you just have to take our quick quiz on music, sports and popular culture related to the great state of Michigan. If you have even passing knowledge in any of these subjects you should be competitive.

The contest ends Friday February 24, at which time one winner will be chosen from the ten best scores. Scores are based on both accuracy and time so be fast!

If you don't yet have Banquet tickets we'll give them to you. If you have already bought your tickets we'll reimburse you.

Good luck!


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