E-Commerce Websites For Florists Need Responsive Design

Despite what some providers of e-commerce floral websites might insist responsive design continues to be the priority. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

E-Commerce Websites For Florists Need Responsive Design

This infographic should be reviewed by any florist with (or looking for) an e-commerce floral website. If you want to sell flowers online, this is information you need to have.

The big one is responsive design – e-commerce flower shop websites that are optimized to look good and work well on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.). As the infographic shows this is a priority for most consumers (the people that want to buy flowers from you) but not for many of the people that build and provide websites.

This is true in the flower business. There are companies out there trying to sell florists websites that just don't work well on mobile devices. That matters! Don't let the vendor try and tell you otherwise, don't let them sidetrack you with the promise of other features nobody asked for. Focus on what all the research says is the most important consideration – responsive design.

And don't just take floral website providers at their word, and don't settle for a quick scan of just their product pages. Go to one of their websites and try and complete an order from start to finish.

You'll see that in many cases the process breaks down. The first couple of pages in the online ordering process might look good on a mobile device, but how about the ones a little farther along? The ones where you need to start entering address and credit card information? That is just as important. Too often they become an exercise in frustration, and the shopper will simply leave and buy their flowers elsewhere.

The good news is that there are several excellent providers of e-commerce websites for florists already out there, and FloristWare integrates with the best of them. These floral websites are designed, built, supported and maintained by true experts in e-commerce and online marketing, and we are honored to work with them.