FloralStrategies Programs for NEFE 2016 Announced

Details for the FloralStrategies sales training programs at the 2016 Northeast Floral Expo have been announced.

FloralStrategies Programs for NEFE 2016 Announced

The 2016 Northeast Floral Expo takes place March 5 & 6 in Springfield MA (please note the change in venue – this year NEFE moves from Groton CT to Springfield MA). FloristWare is a sponsor of this event, providing two valuable business sessions.

The content for these education presentations has just been announced. Here are the details:


Smarter Sales the FloralStrategies Way

Main Stage: Saturday March 5, 4:00-5:30 PM (90 minutes)

Come learn the core elements of the dynamic sales and service approach being used by successful florists across New England and the world! You and your staff will learn to engage customers on the phone and the floor in exciting new ways leading to bigger sales, happier customers and more repeat business. Sam Bowles AIFSE will introduce new thinking, new ideas and new techniques to make selling far easier for your staff and shopping at your store far easier for customers!


Better Flower Shop Management Skills

Business Clinic: Sunday March 6, 2:30-3:30 PM (60 minutes)

The FloralStrategies team has visited over 5000 successful flower shops around the world since 1997 and gathered all their best practices for managing staff and resources. Come join this exciting new program to learn how to better deal with employee issues, regardless of your shop size, to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. You will also learn smart ways to manage your staff's use of all the new sales skills they'll learn in Sam's main stage program on Saturday, Smarter Sales the FloralStrategies Way!


FloralStrategies sales training is the very best sales and service training in the floral industry. FloristWare is excited to support the Connecticut Florists Association and the Northeast Floral Expo by providing this content. Most importantly we're happy to bring it to their hard working florist members.



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