Floriology Launches Floriology Now

Floriology Now brings florists the best in design and business education whenever and wherever it is most convenient.

Floriology Launches Floriology Now

This new offering from the Floriology Institute is an innovative online, on-demand learning platfrom for busy florists. It allows you to stream interactive courses, taught by the most respected AIFD instructors and business educators, anytime, anywhere.


AIFD Certified Design Instructors

Learn the best and latest in floral design from (and interact with) a diverse collection of nationally certified instructors including two AIFD National Presidents.


The Best Business Educators

People like digital marketing expert Renato Sogueco.


Easy Access

Access your courses—anytime, anywhere, on any device and complete classes at your own own pace as your schedule allows.

Build Your Confidence, Expand Your Business

Expand your floral design skills and improve your business and marketing expertise.

High-Definition Classes

All classes include high definition video from multiple camera angles plus photos and instructions.


Plans & Pricing

The plans are very flexible. If you want to learn something specific you can enroll in related courses on an a la carte basis, paying only for what interests you.

If you are intereted in more education on an ongoing basis and better value a Floriology Now Premium Annual enrollment gives you unlimited access to the entire course catalog and extras including a digital subscription to Floriology Magazine.

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