FloristWare News: August 2, 2006

News about the FloristWare POS system for florists including the release of version 2.0 with BloomNet integration, address verification and more.

FloristWare News: August 2, 2006

We are pleased to announce that FloristWare 2.0 is now available for download. This new version of the FloristWare POS system for florists features many new features and enhancements which make it better than ever.

One of the single biggest improvements is complete integration with BloomNet's BloomLink network. Florists can now send and receive BloomNet orders and messages right directly from/to FloristWare. This offer tremendous advantages to BloomNet members as they can now send outgoing wires directly from FloristWare with just two clicks. Incoming orders are entered directly into FloristWare and, if accepted, a worksheet will print and the order will be added to a special BloomNet reconciliation report.

Another exciting new feature is address verification. FloristWare now verifies all US addresses on entry. This means that FloristWare will check any US addresses you enter to make sure that they are valid and, whenever possible, provide the zip code. This saves you the time and expense of attempting to deliver (or mail invoices, marketing material, etc.) to invalid addresses.

There are countless other new features and enhancements including (but not limited to) an employee timeclock that automatically keeps track of hours worked and wages earned, and internal messaging system and many, many more. For more information please visit the Version History page.

Any florist who has been thinking about switching to a POS system (or switching from their existing POS system!) needs to give FloristWare 2.0 a try. It is the best version of FloristWare ever!


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