FloristWare at the Northeast Floral Expo

Unfortunately we can't be there in person but we are sponsoring valuable business sessions to benefit retail florists.

FloristWare at the Northeast Floral Expo

Over the years we have heard so many great things about the Northeast Floral Expo presented by the Connecticut Florists Association but have never been able to participate.

We were determined this year that would change and, very early on, committed to providing some valuable business content as part of the largest sponsorship we had ever undertaken.

Ultimately it also meant that we would not be able to exhibit at the show. It was a tough decision to make – in this industry a vendor typically focusses on selling first so the priority is exhibiting their product in a booth at the show. If they sponsor content in addition to that the goal is to drive traffic back to their booth where they can close sales.

We knew we would have to choose. As much as we liked the idea of meeting with potential clients on the show floor we decided that, since we are fortunate enough to already have so many clients in that area, the best thing we could do for everyone would be to provide educational content that would help them all be more successful.

We'll miss the chance to meet with existing clients (and potential customers) but we hope they enjoy the content and appreciate our commitment to the show and their success in this industry.


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