FloristWare Weblog and (RSS Feed) Now Online

FloristWare users now have access to our new Weblog and RSS Feed to stay educated and informed.

FloristWare Weblog and (RSS Feed) Now Online

In an ongoing effort to make sure that all FloristWare users are getting the greatest possible benefit from the FloristWare Floral Point-Of-Sale System we have just launched the FloristWare Weblog and RSS Feed.

Educated and informed FloristWare users are happier, more productive, and more profitable. The weblog (referred to as FloristWare User Central) is another tool to keep our users educated and informed.

Educating our users is a huge priority, and FloristWare User Central joins the FloristWare Support Library, FloristWare News, FloristWare Newsletters and FloristWare Podcasts as we try and provide as much information to our users in as many convenient formats as possible. We hope that you will find the option that works best for you and make the most of it.

The great thing about the FloristWare Weblog and RSS Feed is that you can 'subscribe' to it through an RSS Reader and any new content will be delivered to you automatically.

Please note that the FloristWare blog has moved since the time this post was made.