FloristWare Will Exhibit at the 2014 SAF Annual Convention

SAF has recently confirmed that there will be a trade fair at their 2014 Annual Convention and FloristWare is honored to participate.

FloristWare Will Exhibit at the 2014 SAF Annual Convention

The 2013 SAF Annual Convention was the first in many years to have vendors exhibit in a trade fair. It was great to participate and we can't wait to do it again in 2014.

When it comes to the SAF Annual Convention it really feels like there are two groups of people... those that go every year and those that are hesitant to try it. Anyone who does try it seems to become a true believer and quickly falls into the "every year" camp.

It is a big commitment and will take you away from your shop for several days. The good news is that this year the event takes place in August, which is pretty slow for most shops. It's as good a time as any to get away.

The content is amazing. It really is hard to appreciate how much amazing education SAF manages to fit into a few days. It's also inspiring - you will meet florists who faced the same challenges, and they are incredibly open about how hard it can be and what it took to overcome them.

That kind of supportive atmosphere is everywhere at the convention. If you are a first timer don't worry – SAF works very hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome and included.

For FloristWare it is another chance to meet with florists clients and learn how we can serve them better. We also try and have someone attend each of the educational sessions - we learn a lot about how we can make our software better for a clients during those presentations. It is a good investment in improving our product and it feels good to support a great organization like SAF.

More information can be found on our Industry Resources page.



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