Four Years & Counting With The Jackson High Design Program

FloristWare is pleased to again provide students of the Jackson High School in Massillon, OH floral design program with point-of-sale (POS) system training.

Four Years & Counting With The Jackson High Design Program

For the fourth consecutive year FloristWare will be providing the floral design program at Jackson High School in Massillon, OH with free access to the FloristWare POS system. Jackson High students are using a special educational version of FloristWare which is available, free of charge, to schools and colleges offering floral design and florist training programs.

“We feel very fortunate to have FloristWare provided free of charge for our students to use. It’s a very user-friendly system to teach and for students to learn. We hold twice-yearly sales where they are able to use FloristWare to build the orders and then ring the sales up. This hands-on POS experience sets our program apart because our students graduate with real business skills on their resumes” explains Roy J. Dria of Jackson High.

“We began this program a few years ago and have had incredibly positive feedback from the educators, who know that being able to train their students on the business side of being a florist is just as important as training them in floral design. We are also helping their future employers by ensuring they are starting their careers with a fuller range of business skills. Having POS experience makes them more employable.” says Susan Page, FloristWare’s Vice-President of Sales and Service.

"It all started with conversations with our existing florist clients" says FloristWare founder Mark Anderson. "Time after time they explained that there were no shortage of job applicants with basic training in design, but none with the other real world skills needed by a busy flower shop. The goal is by doing this, by helping florist schools provide a more rounded education to their students, we're helping our clients and the industry by adding more qualified potential hires to the ranks of people trying to get into the flower business."

A variety of schools - from small floral design schools to community colleges - are already using FloristWare in the classroom and, in some cases, their associated training stores.

If you are with a school or college and are interested in learning more please contact Susan Page at 1-888-531-3012 x708.