Fundraising Programs Now More Effective Than Ever

The April 2013 edition of Floral Management includes two excellent articles on fundraising programs... and how they are, now more than ever, an incredibly effective way to increase your sales. This is great news for FloristWare clients in that they already have a system with the features to not only run these programs but to take them to the next level.

Fundraising Programs Now More Effective Than Ever

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FloristWare was the first POS system for florists to include powerful features for managing fundraising programs - programs that helped florists turn donation requests into increased sales.

Not all clients take advantage of this feature but the ones that do love it. They find fundraising programs to not only be an affordable and effective part of their bigger marketing strategy but also a way to gracefully deal with the donation requests they see on an almost daily basis.

The articles in Floral Management are exciting to us because they suggest that this kind of effort is more effective now than ever before…


Consumers That Would Switch For A Good Cause

73% of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause.

2012 Edelman Goodpurpose Consumer Study

Consider that statistic - it means that the kind of fundraising program FloristWare facilitates could help you win over 73% of the competitions customers. The article also reports that this is an increase of 9% since 2009.


Consumers That Would Help Promote A Brand That Support A Good Cause

71% of consumers would help a brand promote their products or services if there was a good cause behind them. This is an increase of 34% since 2008.

2012 Edelman Goodpurpose Consumer Study


This becomes an even more interesting and important statistic when you think how many more opportunities people have to promote their favorite brands now, and how many more people they can reach.

Think about it - in 2008 there were less than 100 million people on Facebook. Today there are over one billion. In 2008 relatively few people used Twitter, now there are over 200 million. And in 2008 there was no Google+, Pinterest or countless other forms of social media that we now take for granted.

That means that right now more consumers than ever are interested in promoting your business to other consumers because of your good works, and they have never had such tremendous opportunities to spread that message. This is the best possible time to look into these kinds of programs.

And it is only going to get better. Experts expect that 2013 will be the worst year for charitable giving in almost five decades - that means that non-profits are going to be more interested in these kinds of programs, and will work harder to promote them. It means more money for them and for you.

The article has some great ideas and we hope you will check it out - including thoughts on researching the charities you choose to work with.

The article also talks about some programs that are little different than what we have encouraged in the past - instead of the many different programs we suggest for our clients the article talks about fewer, bigger efforts.

These clearly work (the article is full of success stories) but they also talk about it being important to keep it local. We'd go one step farther and suggest keeping it personal too - by having different programs for different non-profits that resonate very strongly with their supporters. The great thing about FloristWare is that it takes the hard part - administering all those different programs - and makes it easy. We truly believe that FloristWare makes it not just possible but easy to take the ideas in the article, apply them to multiple fundraising efforts, and be even more successful.

Let's put it all together. More customers than ever are interested in choosing a brand that supports good causes, preferably local causes, better yet personal causes. They are also more inclined to promote your brand to other consumers than ever before, and they have more ways of reaching more people through Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.

Now is the time! If you are not yet using the powerul fundraising features in FloristWare please contact us and we'll be happy to get you started. We want all our clients to take full advantage of all the features in our system.



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