Great New Website for Michigan Floral Association & GLFE

One of the of the best organizations in the floral industry, the Michigan Floral Association, has a great new website in advance of the 2015 GLFE.

Great New Website for Michigan Floral Association & GLFE

On Christmas Eve Rod Crittenden, EVP/CEO of the Michigan Floral Association unveiled the organizations new website. The product of several months of work from Rod and the local firm Webzone Marketing the new site is fantastic.

What makes it so good?


Responsive Design

The new site uses what is known as responsive design, meaning it adapts to the size of the screen the visitor is using. The end result? The site looks great whether it is viewed on a 27" widescreen monitor on a mobile phone. This is very important when more and more browsing is being done from mobile devices.


Made in Michigan

Some associations are pretty passionate about shopping local, as long as it's not their money. When they need a website they go overseas. Rod and the MFA kept it local – using a Michigan company to design and build the website. That means that the members money stayed in the community with people that will spend it, maybe even on flowers, in the community.


Great Find a Florist Feature

Other associations have tried this but it's not easy to do well. The new MFA website gets it right – making it easy to find member shops and certified florists. It is a very handy feature and the filter that limits the search to certified florists is very well implemented.


Online Registration

The Great Lakes Floral Expo is one of the best events in the industry and the new website includes online registration and more.


Great Links For Members

These days most florists have floral websites, and that makes them interested in search performance. One very important part of that is incoming links – everyone with a website loves high quality inbound links from authoritative sites. The new MFA website is designed to provide just that – accessible, crawlable and indexable links that will help every member shop perform better in search. The links from many other association sites and directories are worthless from an SEO perspective but the MFA got it right – showing that they understand the business and what florists really need.


The MFA is truly one of the very best organizations in this industry and their new website is just one more example of that.

FloristWare is very proud to be a member of the MFA and supporter of the Great Lakes Floral Expo. We're looking forward to being back in Grand Rapids this March for the 2015 iteration, Floral Fantasy, where we will be sponsoring sales sessions from Tim Huckabee of FloralStrategies and pricing sessions from our founder Mark Anderson.