Increasing Sales: Marketing To Recipients

Florists can increase sales by marketing to recipients as long as they do it tastefully.

Increasing Sales: Marketing To Recipients

Many florists are reluctant to be so aggressive as to market to recipients (people who have not bought anything from you but have only received flowers from you) and they should be. It is something that must be handled very delicately.

Why? Your first loyalty should always be to your customer. If a customer buys flowers from you and sends them to his wife he wants you to help make sure that she feels good about it. If you send her a tacky flyer the next day proclaiming that you have the "CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAPEST ROSES IN TOWN - $AVE $$$$ - BUY NOW" then you devalue you the gift - you have told the wife that her husband bought her the cheapest flowers he could! Not a nice thing to do.

You can however do it with some class. Here is what we would suggest - once a week you could prepare a postcard or letter for everyone who received flowers the previous week. Send them a message explaining that you hope they liked their flowers. Assure them that you pride yourself on the level of service and quality of work that you provide.

You can then suggest that they consider you they next time they or someone they know buys flowers. If you handle it like that you can really increase your sales without insulting anybody!


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