Introducing The Floralzine From Epic Flowers

Brandon Kirkland of Epic Flowers has introduced the Floralzine to make staying on top of the best florist blogs in the floral industry a little easier.

Introducing The Floralzine From Epic Flowers

Brandon Kirkland, creator of the Epic Flowers ecommerce website platform for florists has been deeply involved in and committed to this industry since he and his wife first opened a retail flower shop many years ago. He speaks at events, contributes to many different online florist forums, Facebook groups and more.

He also reads about and researches the industry constantly. Recently, after struggling to keep on top of fifteen on his favorite floral industry blogs and websites he decided to create the Floralzine – a new online resource that brings together content from the best floral blogs and in one place.

The Floralzine is a great resource, bringing together a ton of great information for anyone who loves flowers. You can read more about how it got started in an interview with Katie Hendrick at the Florist 2.0 Online Community.


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