Make The Bad Weather Work For You

There is a way to make horrible weather work for you - it can act as a hurdle that lets you selectively discount to those who would not purchase otherwise.

Make The Bad Weather Work For You

With record cold and snow accumulation this has, and continues to be, an absolutely terrible winter in much of Eastern North America.

For florists in the affected area it creates a couple of problems. It has probably cut down on your walk-in business – when it is this cold and miserable nobody wants to shop in person. And, if you are in a city, things are even worse because accumulated snow may have limited parking near your store. And, of course, bad road conditions makes deliveries more time-consuming and expensive to complete.

There is also an opportunity. Bad weather can also used as a hurdle that lets you selectively discount to those people who would be less likely to purchase at full price.

An across the board discount appeals to everyone and would mean that some sales, to people that would have purchased regardless, will be less profitable. Discounts that are exclusive to in-store purchases however are very different – they will appeal only to those who are prepared to jump the figurative hurdle (brave the bad weather) in order to get the discount.

This, hopefully, increases sales and gets new customers used to the idea of buying flowers more often.



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