More Details on Upcoming FloralStrategies Presentations

Tim Huckabee of FloralStrategies has revealed some details about the sessions that FloristWare is sponsoring at the 2015 GLFE and WUMFA annual convention.

More Details on Upcoming FloralStrategies Presentations

In March of 2015 FloristWare is honored to be sponsoring four sessions by Tim Huckabee – founder of FloralStrategies, the first and best sales training program in the floral industry – at two different shows:


Great Lakes Floral Expo, Grand Rapids MI, March 6-8
WUMFA Annual Convention, Green Bay Wisconsin, March 20-22


Tim has also provided us with advance details on the focus of these new sessions.


Is your staff afraid to make big sales? Do your employee shy away from offering add-ons because they don't want to appear 'pushy'? Discover how customers really think and what the truly want from your staff and store. Then you will learn a whole new approach to engaging customers on the phone and the floor.

Tim Huckabee, Floral Strategies


Tim will share elements of the on-site program (the only one of its kind in the industry) he has been teaching on-site to the most admired and successful florists around the world. You and your employees will leave enthused, empowered and ready to make bigger sales to happier, more satisfied customers.

It is a pleasure to work with Tim and bring this information to florists that can start using it to increase profits first thing on Monday morning.


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