New Content: Guide To Incentive/Loyalty Programs For Florists

We've added a new pdf that looks at how florists can create a points-based incentive program to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

New Content: Guide To Incentive/Loyalty Programs For Florists

One of the most popular floral marketing features in FloristWare has always been the points-based loyalty incentive marketing feature. We're probably all familiar with this kind of program, research shows that nearly 1/2 of all credit card users in the US utilize a points-based rewards program and countless retailers, gas stations, etc. also offer their own programs. We also know that they work – that kind of adaptation means that the results are real and meaningful.

Such programs are also relatively rare in the real flower business. Some florists have offered "buy a dozen dozen, get a dozen free" type programs where customers that made more than twelve purchases could get a dozen roses free, but at a reward rate this incredibly generous (compared to the 2% reward rate common to most points programs).

At the recent Floral Summit hosted by Golden Rose a group of florists gathered to share their real-world experiences with this kind of program and discuss how accepted best practices could be better integrated. The resulting discussion is now available a free downloadable PDF that we hope will help more florists enjoy the benefits of this type of marketing.

You can download the file from the Industry Resources section of our site using the link below.


Guide To Incentive/Loyalty Programs For Florists



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