New Version of FloristWare Previewed For Software Developers

Charles Delfs, an important FloristWare collaborator, recently impressed fellow software developers by demonstrating new features in FloristWare v5.

New Version of FloristWare Previewed For Software Developers

As the release of FloristWare version 5 draws near we have started demoing different parts of the system. We previewed some new new features to attendees at recent industry shows and conventions (the Great Lakes Floral Expo, Northeast Floral Expo, the WUMFA Annual Convention, the ISFA and MSFGA Spring Design Shows) and, recently, to a group of fellow software developers.

One of the goals with version 5 was to update and refresh the user interface – the look and feel of the software, the part that the user sees and interacts with. We want florists to have an independent POS that has a modern, efficient and truly attractive interface. Right now this is something that is truly lacking from independent floral POS – even newer systems (those released in the last few years) look like relics from the dark ages of interface design in the 80's and 90's, and the older systems are even worse.

Almost all of the input regarding features and improvements comes from our florist clients, but when it comes to UX/UI it also helps to get feedback from other software developers – developers who are obsessed with those subjects, who study best interface design practices, apply them to their own work, and can pick apart the work of others. Developers like that are an invaluable resource as we try and refine and improve the best POS system designed and built for retail florists.

On April 29 Charles Delfs, a vital FloristWare collaborator, demonstrated some of the interface elements he has built for FloristWare to just such a group. There were some suggestions for additional enhancements (there always are, this is the point of this kind of collaboration) but they loved the work that he had done and recognized it as a significant step forward. They were also thrilled when he announced that some of the interface elements would be made available as open source components they could use in their own products.

It was great feedback – it show that we are on the right track and about to release a floral POS system with a great user interface, and their suggestions for future development will lead to some major improvements very quickly.



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