New Webinar: Preparing For Mothers Day

The content of a recent webinar on how you can use FloristWare to ensure a profitable and organized Mother's Day has now been made available as podcast/mp3.

New Webinar: Preparing For Mothers Day

Mother's Day is of course one of the best and worst times to be in the flower business. With volumes up it can (if handled properly) be profitable but that extra business can also turn it into a stressful, chaotic nightmare.

Fortunately there are lots of features in FloristWare that can help, but many of them remain underutilized (if not completely undiscovered) by some of our clients. The purpose of this webinar was to help flower shops using the FloristWare POS system to find and make better use of these powerful features to ensure a more organized and profitable Mother's Day.

The audio from this session is now available as a podcast and downloadable mp3 audio file. We hope it helps you make this the best Mother's Day ever.



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