No, This Is Actually The Best Time For Sales Training

It's easy to think that sales training is best left until after Valentine's Day, but the most successful florists realize it is best done before.

No, This Is Actually The Best Time For Sales Training

Sometimes it seems like the biggest and most successful shops know things that less successful shops don't. Sales training is one of those secrets. Less successful shops are content to think that they already know it all, and that it can't be done any better. More successful shops realize that sales training is an ongoing process, an investment in success, growth, and profitability.

The timing of that training is also important. Once everybody is back and settled in their shops after the holiday season it's easy to think "this is not the time for sales training – we'll do it after Valentine's Day when things aren't as crazy". The most successful shops on the other hand look at this as the best time to do training – just like an athlete would practice hardest before an important event they wants their sales skills to be at their best precisely when it is crazy.

Think about how busy it is at Valentine's Day. All that extra business guarantees an earlier, and larger, return on your training investment. The money you spend on in-store training, or webinars, will pay for itself almost immediately.


There Is No Better Time To Invest In Sales Training Than Right Now - Before Valentine's Day

The best sales training in the business comes from FloralStrategies, and the best product they offer is in-store training. There may still be time to arrange for that prior to Valentine's Day. You will never get a bigger return on that investment quicker than you will going into a big floral holiday like Valentine's Day.

If in-store training is not possible their Valentine's Day Webinar is absolutely essential.

If you have any doubts just listen to other FloralStrategies clients:


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