Reports in Details: Daily Sales Report (Payments)

When making sales users sometime record the payment method incorrectly. A sale charged to a Mastercard may accidentally be recorded as being charged to a Visa or Debit card, etc. This means that the payment figures in your daily sales report will not match the actual payments collected.

Reports in Details: Daily Sales Report (Payments)

Because this is such a common problem the FloristWare includes a powerful feature that can help you balance the payments recorded in your Daily Sales Reports. You can correct errors of this type before you print your daily sales report and try to balance it.

To get started go to the 'Payments' section of your Daily Sales Report. You will see a small orange button near the bottom of the screen. Clicking this button shows you all of the payments made during the day specified at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

The information in the report is organized into columns and rows. Each row contains the information for one payment. You can now change the method of each payment using the pull-down menu in it's row. It's that simple!

There are three things that you should keep in mind when balancing payments in this way:


1. Never Change the Payment Method From 'Account'!
If you originally recorded a payment as being charged to an account and then change it to something else it will not be removed from the customer's balance owing. FloristWare will not let you change payments to 'Account' for similar reasons - the amount would not be added to a customer's balance owing.


2. Be Very Careful!
Make only changes you are sure about - things can become very messy if you get careless.

3. Keep Track of the Changes
We also suggest that you keep track of any changes you make (using pen and paper) until you get the report balanced. While you can always change sales back, FloristWare does not keep track of the changes you are making so you cannot just 'Undo' them.