Rick Rivers at Maine State Florists Spring Design Show

Rick Rivers of Florist Bootcamp delivered two popular sessions at the 2014 Maine State Florists and Growers Association Spring Design Show & Trade Fair.

Rick Rivers at Maine State Florists Spring Design Show

Maine State Florists and Growers Association held their 2014 Spring Design Show & Trade Fair on March 29th & 30th in Orono, ME. 

Alongside the traditional design demonstrations, Rick Rivers, creator of Florist Bootcamp delivered the two business sessions of the weekend. Saturday’s business workshop on Marketing Survival used case studies from the 25 attendees who shared what is - and isn’t- working for them currently. One of the big takeaways from this session for the florists is to use their drivers as an extension of their marketing program. 

On Sunday Rick delivered the featured presentation on the “Glass Ceiling”. This new two-hour session explores understanding your customers individual price ceiling and how not to price yourself beyond their comfort zone. “The main reason most florists are going out of business is due to the glass ceiling shattering and their customers leaving. Yes, it can be repaired, but only if you know it has happened,” Rick explains.  

The best way to capture your clients spending habits and preferences is through the use of a Point of Sale (POS) system, which Rick believes is a must-have for every florist.

FloristWare is proud to continue our relationship with Rick by sponsoring him at this event. Rick is a nationally known expert on marketing and understands the floral industry in particular because he is the owner of his own successful shop in Florida.  Rick is also the author of two books on marketing strategies for florists: “Blooming at the Top, 12 Strategies to Double Your Sales” and “No Fishing in My Pond, A Blueprint to Protect Your Sales”.

More information about Rick can be found on the Florist Bootcamp website.