Sam Bowles Joins FloralStrategies

Sam Bowles, a veteran of the flower industry, has joined FloralStrategies as a Sales Trainer and Managing Director.

Sam Bowles Joins FloralStrategies

Over the last few years FloralStrategies, one of the most important and innovative companies in the floral industry, has grown tremendously. In addition to their original onsite training program they have added regular webinars, more appearances at shows and conventions and TOTALtraining.

It's good news for florists because FloralStrategies had long been the secret weapon of the most successful flower shops throughout the English speaking world (in addition to the US and Canada they frequently train florists in the UK and Australia). Using the unique sales method developed by founder Tim Huckabee during his years with an upscale flower shop in New York City FloralStrategies clients typically saw their average order values increase by as much as $20.

The ultimate endorsement comes in the form of repeat business. Flower shops that have the onsite training once see such remarkable results that they want to do it again and again. First time clients might think they are taking a chance on the training, but established clients know it is a great, and ongoing, investment in their success.

The growth is good news because it means more shops than ever are taking advantage of the training. More and more shops are booking in-store training, with others easing into it via webinars and the TOTALtraining package for florists. This is good for them and good for the industry.

It also means some additions to the team were needed, and Tim has found two outstanding people to assist him.

One of these is Sam Bowles, a native of Indiana, spent many years (first working at, then managing) some of the biggest and best operations in the industry, including Nanz and Kraft and later a huge florist/garden center in New York. He had long been a student of the FloralStrategies sales process, and had even received AIFSE accreditation.

The final part of his preparation for the new job involved months of travelling and training with Tim, and then working with him at some high-volume flower shops for weeks at a time during peak holiday periods.

In addition to his duties as Managing Director Sam is also doing in-store training, and the feedback from those florists has been outstanding.

Most recently he presented part of a sales training session at the 2015 SAF Growth Solutions event in Hartford CT. That is a tough room – packed with some of the best and smartest flower operators that come from as far away as San Francisco and Hawaii – and praise for Sam was universal.

Sam is a great addition to FloralStrategies. Many florists have already had him to their shops, a lot more have him booked for the coming months, and still more will undoubtedly be looking to book him in the months ahead.


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