Save 40% ($600) On FloralStrategies Sales Training

FloralStrategies, widely known as not just the best but the only dedicated sales training in the flower business is offering a huge discount through July.

Save 40% ($600) On FloralStrategies Sales Training

FloralStrategies, created by Tim Huckabee AIFSE, is the only company in the floral industry dedicated to sales training for retail florists. Shops that follow their sales process typically see average order values increase by as much as $20.

It is an amazing result with huge repercussions. Most obviously there is an increase in sales, something every flower shop owner loved to see, but that is just the beginning. Designers are happier because they get to design nicer pieces. And customers, and the people they send to, are happier too because they are getting nicer flowers. Bigger sales are just a part of it.


Hey Tim,

Just wanted to let you know I just took a $100 order from a customer who normally sends an average of $75! Your system is so easy and really works.

Thanks, Joe

Toronto, ON Canada


FloralStrategies offers a number of training options, including webinars, DVDs and their TOTALtraining package, but the foundation has always been onsite training. This involves a FloralStrategies AIFSE trainer actually coming to your flower shop and working with your staff.

Florists pay $1495 for this training, and they don't just pay it once. Most clients are are so thrilled with the results that they book training more than once. What might seem like an expensive gamble the first time becomes something that easily pays for itself, something that stores want to do at least once a year because it makes them so much more profitable.

The great news is that FloralStrategies is offering a tremendous discount for the month of July. They have lowered the regular price of $1495 to just $895, a savings of $600 or just over 40%.


If you have ever been interested in FloralStrategies onsite training there is no better time to book it than right now!