Social Media at the 2016 ISFA Annual Floral Design Show

Ryan Freeman of Strider Internet Marketing will present a valuable session on social media for retail florists at the 2016 ISFA Annual Floral Design Show.

Social Media at the 2016 ISFA Annual Floral Design Show

There are several great sessions lined up for the 2016 ISFA Annual Floral Design Show in Decatur IL later this month. Deborah De La Flor AIFD, PFCI will demonstrate inspired ways to make funeral work stand out from the crowd, so that yours is the shop they call for any occasion. Another favorite, Dutch Master Designer René van Rems, AIFD, will cover the latest wedding décor trends, showcasing styles and techniques from Europe and around the world with flowers, exotic materials, and other botanicals.

But the session florists should possibly pay the most attention to is "Social Media: All Grown Up" from Ryan Freeman of Strider Internet Marketing:


Social Media is no longer the emerging new trend; for the last decade online social platforms have played a major role in sifting both consumer behavior and business marketing. Join us to discover how Social Media can provide mature channels for customer service, focused and effective marketing, leading to tangible business growth. No cat memes required!

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Most florists know that social media is important but are unsure what to do next. Some assume that hiring anyone under twenty and telling them to get busy is the magic formula. Others get sidetracked, spending hours on Facebook and calling it marketing. Like anything else florists have to approach social media with a plan. This session will help them put that plan together and then execute it.