Tim Huckabee of Floral Strategies at 2015 GLFE

FloristWare is pleased to sponsor Tim Huckabee of FloralStrategies - the original and best sales training program in the industry - at the 2015 Great Lakes Floral Expo in Grand Rapids MI.

Tim Huckabee of Floral Strategies at 2015 GLFE

Tim's sessions are a highlight at any event so we are excited to be sponsoring two sessions at the 2015 GLFE. Tim is the best there is at helping florists increase the value of each and every order they take and it is an honor to help bring this content to the florists in attendance at these shows.


The Great Lakes Floral Expo is a great show and I can't wait to come back with some exciting new content. I'm also looking forward to spending some time with shops in the area and helping them increase their order values.

Tim Huckabee, Founder of FloralStrategies


Tim will also be spending some time in Michigan before or after the show, doing in-store training. There will be discounts for shops registered to attend the Expo and members of the Great Lakes Floral Association.


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