What Florists Need to Know About Younger Consumers

How do millennials feel about buying flowers? FloraHolland's Consumer Programme has new information florists need to know.

What Florists Need to Know About Younger Consumers

We hear a lot these days about interests and needs of Millennials, but how are their buying habits different from traditional consumers when it comes to buying flowers?  

According to FloraHolland's Consumer Programme, the Millennial generation (aged 25-35)  needs to feel a connection to an item they give to someone else. They want to know that it’s functional, personal, says something about them as the giver, and lasts a long time.   

These findings are similar to a 2009 study, this one from the Society of American Florists (SAF) which also found that this consumer segment is more likely to:

  • buy individual flowers vs bouquets
  • purchase flowers in person and deliver flowers themselves (making the gift more personal) 
  • purchase flowers for their own homes to impress guests

As such, flowers and plants may not be a top of mind purchase for this group for Valentine's or Mother's Day, which may pose a challenge in the future for florists who will need to find a way to make that connection to this segment of consumers. 



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