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  • During a recent Jewish holiday a customer was placing multiple orders – by viewing their recipient list and previous orders we were able to remind them of someone they usually include, giving us the additional sale and saving our client from an embarrassing situation.
    – Jessica McEwen
    Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • I have used every major POS and think Floristware is one of the easiest to explain, demonstrate and get the staff not just using but enjoying.
    – Tim Huckabee AIFSE
    President, FloralStrategies
    Author or CSI Flower Shop and the most popular & the most respected sales trainer in the floral industry.
  • The Budget tool in FloristWare has proven very popular when dealing with price conscious clients. It allows staff to enter the clients’ total budget (what they’re prepared to spend) and FloristWare automatically backs out any applicable service and/or delivery charges and sales taxes. This shows the sales person how much money is left to spend on product.
    – Alison Roberge
    Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta
  • I just processed our first house account payment in FloristWare. It worked perfectly! It was fantastic!

    You can’t know how much of an improvement this is over how (previous POS system) handled house payments. Just applying a payment to the balance without regard to which invoice was being paid.

    Now we will look soooo much more professional to our business customers.
    – George White
    Owner, Morningside Florist
  • FloristWare is a great program, and I want to see it grow even more. With all other POS's I have never been able to collect as much customer information, and I love it.
    – Amra Kolasinac
    Owner, Scent & Violet | Houston Texas
  • I love the ease of use, all employees have had no problem learning how to use the program.
    – Joan Coleman
    Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
  • FloristWare immediately cut our bookkeeping costs by 75% and simplified tax calculations into a click, click -- you're done! -- operation.
    – Rivers Reid
    Owner, Blossoms Rosedale | Toronto Ontario
  • Looking up orders from many months ago. We used to have to search through files of paper orders for the details, which meant calling the customer back and sorely trying everyone’s patience – now we have the info instantly.
    – Jessica McEwen
    Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • Easy to use, very helpful and collects good marketing data.
    – Susie Rivers
    Owner, A Floral Boutique Florist | Ormond Beach Florida
  • Got another order below from a sales email from FloristWare. I really like that feature a lot, I have been staying up to date on sending them
    daily/weekly, we had a busy week this week.
    – Adam Pomerantz
    Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania