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  • I love the ease of use, all employees have had no problem learning how to use the program.
    – Joan Coleman
    Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
  • The Jewish holidays are our busiest times of the year – having the addresses and details on file for each customer’s usual list of recipients let us take down multiple orders quickly.
    – Jessica McEwen
    Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • I love how the accounts are set up, I loved how fast and easy it is to send out statements – about 5 minutes to print the end of month statements on FloristWare, compared to 45 minutes on the (old system). And our customers really like the new easier to read and decipher statements. The invoice options are awesome – we can print them or we can use the ever-so-nifty fax or e-mail options from FloristWare. Yeah!
    – Barb Watson
    Owner, Fred's Flowers | Logan Utah
  • It keeps order taking/processing consistent for the entire team and it saves time in training new staff. It's also beneficial in locating data/records in a timely manner.
    – Alison Roberge
    Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta
  • Looking for past orders in FloristWare is much easier than looking through stacks of paper invoices, saves tons of time and allows us to respond to enquiries more quickly and professionally.
    – Dorothy Zunti
    Owner, Summerland Flowers and Gifts | Summerland BC
  • I sent this PowerBuilder (FloristWare marketing feature) email to anyone who used the word "Valentine" on their card message. It went to 121 people. I already got 2 orders for Vday, just sent it 5 minutes ago :) Floristware Rocks!
    – Adam Pomerantz
    Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
  • We are able to communicate design ideas via a FloristWare quote, and tailor orders to fit the client's needs and budget.
    – Rosemary Little Jeffares
    Owner, Quince Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • It does everything I need. New features are continually added to the software, and older features are updated regularly to allow superior customer service from us to our clients.
    – Rosemary Little Jeffares
    Owner, Quince Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • I just processed our first house account payment in FloristWare. It worked perfectly! It was fantastic!

    You can’t know how much of an improvement this is over how (previous POS system) handled house payments. Just applying a payment to the balance without regard to which invoice was being paid.

    Now we will look soooo much more professional to our business customers.
    – George White
    Owner, Morningside Florist
  • The thing I love best about the marketing tools is the fact that they are so easy to implement...
    – Post to Our Facebook Page