FloristWare Payments, Subscriptions and Renewals

How to renew, extend, upgrade or cancel your FloristWare subscription.

In all cases change to your FloristWare subscription will involve a call to 888.531.3012. What happens next depends on your situation...


New Client Getting Started

If you are a new client just getting started with FloristWare we'll need a credit card (although we can also take checks or ACH wire transfers if you prefer. Payment for the first year of access will be billed immediately, and you won't have to think about payment again for a full year. You will also save 20% compared to the monthly plan (this is why the annual plan is our most popular option).

Subsequent years will not be billed automatically. Instead we'll check in to see if you want to stay with FloristWare for another year.


Yearly/Annual Plan Renewal

If you are on the yearly/annual plan you should hear from us before your term expires. If however we can't make contact you may get a notice in your FloristWare POS software asking you to call us.

The process is simple. We just need to know if you want to continue with FloristWare. If not you don't really have to do anything – you won't be billed again unless you tell us you want to keep using FloristWare. At that point it just becomes a matter of what credit card you want us to use. If you want to use a different card we'll need the number.

Again we offer payment by check or ACH wire transfer but most flower shops choose to pay by credit card.


Monthly Plan, Switching Credit Card

Monthly users may sometimes get notified that we need a new credit card number, usually because the card we have on file has expired or been replaced. We just need updated information.


Monthly Plan, Switching To Yearly/Annual Plan

Some florists start off with the monthly subscription and then switch to the yearly/annual plan soon later, often after a big holiday like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day has left them with some extra money. The appeal of the annual plan is that the flower shop saves 20%, and they don't need to think about access for a full year.


Yearly/Annual Plan Switching To Monthly Plan

Sometimes a flower shops that is on the annual plan switches to the monthly plan when it is time to renew. This is usually because money is tight, or they think they might be closing the store. In these cases we just need a quick phone call and we'll make the change.


Upgrading Your Subscription (More Stations)

If a flower shop wants to upgrade their FloristWare subscription (more stores/stations) we just need a quick phone call.


Cancelling Your Subscription

If you ever need to cancel your FloristWare subscription it is very easy. It's not like trying to quit a wire service and no registered letter is required!

Florists that are on the annual plan really don't have to do anything – we won't renew or charge them for additional years until they tell us to.

Flower shops on the monthly plan do have to let us know. Monthly plans will continue to bill until a florist asks us to stop. But don't worry, there are no tricks. You just have to tell us that you are leaving.

  • Julie is awesome, thanks!
    – Adam Pomerantz
    Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
  • Valentine's day was a perfect crash course in using and getting used to the FloristWare system. It worked perfect and made things very easy for us this year... I appreciate all your help and assistance in making this year a great Valentine's day success!!!!
    – Dave Black
    Owner, Off the Wall Florist | St. Louis Missouri
  • We just wanted to take the time to say THANKS A MILLION! We had a great day yesterday. And Thanks to you it was smooth sailing.
    – Rodney Canady
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  • Just wanted to say THANKS A MILLION from BLOOMS A MILLION! You guys have been great! Deborah has been awesome and invaluable to us!
    – Rodney Canady
    Owner, Blooms A Million Florist | Pensacola Florida
  • I love working with you and your team. I appreciate ALL that you do!!
    – Lisa Pritchett
    Owner, Lilium Floral | Colleyville Texas
  • The folks at FloristWare are responsive to the changing retail landscape and offer great added benefits to their clients like webinars. The service department is excellent and help is a quick call away when we have questions.
    – Rosemary Little Jeffares
    Owner, Quince Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • It rocks! AWESOME! Spent today setting up nested categories, also awesome. massive improvements, thank you!
    – Cheer
    Manager, Fiore | San Francisco California
  • I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Deborah, and Julie, AND MARK completely saved my sanity (and quite possibly) a 4th generation flower shop. The customer service is second to none. Whereas my problem isn't fully resolved, it's a problem that is, in no way, of their doing; nor is it necessarily of any vested interest to FloristWare to have implemented a merely temporary solution (solely to 'get us thru valentine's day'). After being crippled by (wire service) for so long.. its refreshing to 'matter'.. Small family shops DESERVE to 'matter'.. and to be treated fairly and with respect. I'm rambling.. just had to step onto my lil soap box for a minute.
    – Melissa Mays
    Owner, Nature's Corner Florist | Anderson South Carolina
  • I just wanted to send you a quick note about the training we received today from Deborah. She had me and my father on two different phones – pounding her with questions. You have quite an asset in her. She KNOWS the system. I got more out of that 2 hour call than I have with "trainers" in house for a couple of days with (previous wire service POS systems).
    – Rob Humphreys Johnson
    Owner, Humphreys Flowers
  • It has truly been a pleasure to work with both of you. Your patience, expertise, and reliability are truly second to none. We have been so happy with FloristWare, especially because of the amazing support you have both provided us!
    – Rachel
    Terry May Concept Flowers | New York, New York
  • The staff at FloristWare has always been terrific to work with from explaining a feature to resolving any issues that have ever arose. The owner is a pleasure to speak with and tries to accommodate special requests.
    – Joan Coleman
    Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
  • Everything was great today Deborah! Our store is overflowing with flowers and merchandise. Thanks SO much for your help.
    – Lee Weller
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  • I really appreciate your quick and helpful, and friendly, response! Thanks again!
    – John Feldtmose
    The Flower Bar | Larchmont New York
  • The vendor is superb - friendly, responsive and dedicated to the support of their customers. Floristware is a partner in my business, not just a tool.
    – Annette Hentz
    Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
  • Hello Julie and Deborah. Thanks to your emergency help, we surived valentine's day! Thank you again for your fast and effective ALWAYS! :)
    – Rachel
    Terry May Concept Flowers | New York, New York
  • By the way, if you ever need a testimony about the quality of your customer service, please let us know! We would be very happy to write something. We are such big fans of FloristWare, especially because of your and Julie's exceptional support.
    – Rachel
    Terry May Concept Flowers | New York, New York
  • Deborah - Thanks for all your help the last couple of days. The service was great!
    – Duane Mc Lennan
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  • Thank you so much for your prompt response, you guys are awesome!
    – Darrel Ueno
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  • Thanks for always being there for support!!! You are awesome.
    – Lisa Pritchett
    Owner, Lilium Floral | Colleyville Texas
  • You guys are awesome!! Thank you both for persevering! This ought to get the phones ringing! Many, many thanks! Rosie.
    – Rosemary Little Jeffares
    Owner, Quince Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • Mark, Just in case it gets so, so crazy (lol) in the next few days I just wanted to wish you a Happy U.S. Thanksgiving and tell you that FloristWare, you and your staff are at the top of my list for being thankful for this holiday!
    – Joan Coleman
    Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
  • Thanks for checking in! We are doing just great and loving FloristWare. As we have used FloristWare before at our previous job we don't need any real assistance as we're already familiar with the program. If I or my colleagues have any questions, we will not hesitate to contact you! Thank you for all the support!
    – Patti Morgan
    Owner, Floratechnics Inc. | Bowmanville Ontario
  • Thanks, Julie - that’s great news. Your customer service is always superb. It is truly the best part of FloristWare! Thank you.
    – Rachel
    Terry May Concept Flowers | New York, New York
  • You guys are A++++ on customer service. Highley recomending you if someone asks.
    – Donald Rockey
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  • Thanks, you guys are always such a great help!!! I really appreciate all you do for me ;)
    – Adam Pomerantz
    Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
  • Support - from the research to the set up and from training to ongoing help desk - unparalleled. Response time for any question was the best I've ever experienced with POS systems.
    – Dawn Abbamondi
  • ALL of my product category questions have been answered, and my new product set-up in FloristWare is AWESOME! It’s just the way I want it.
    – Annette Hentz
    Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
  • I just wanted to say something about FloristWare. I love it!!! Your support is great! Seriously! Deborah is awesome!
    – Adam Pomerantz
    Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
  • ...thanks for being so patient with us "start ups" - it's a great POS you've developed and the customer service is awesome.
    – Pam Doute
    Owner, Keller & Stein Florist | Canton Michigan
  • We just wanted to say THANK YOU!. You support has been awesome!
    – Rodney Canady
    Owner, Blooms A Million Florist | Pensacola Florida
  • Just a quick note before we all go crazy over the holiday.... wanted to say "Thank you" for all your help yesterday getting the systems all up and running. huge help... we often just complain, but not often do we say Thank you ... and I wanted you to know it is greatly appreciated.. Deborah rocks!!
    – Jerome Raska, AIFD,PFCI, CF
    Owner, JRDesigns | Detroit Michigan
  • We are very impressed with the FloristWare point of sale system. Mark and the staff at FloristWare provide a straight forward, easy to use point of sale to manage a retail flower shop at an affordable price. Their customer service and responsiveness meet the highest of standards.
    – Loranne Atwill
    VP Operations/Owner | Flower Shop Network, Inc.
  • Thank you so much for answering my questions, and for speaking to us on the phone, it was very helpful! Floristware always has the best support!!
    – Suzanne
    Boulder Blooms | Boulder Colorado
  • Thanks so much for all your and your company's support throughout the years as well. You have a great product and great service, and if you ever need recommendations, or any other way in which I can be of help, please don't hesitate to ask!
    – Lori Friedlander
    Owner, Flore LLC Fine Flowers | Woodbury Connecticut