Credit Card Processing

Use whatever credit card processor/merchant services provider you like. You find the best deal, we'll make it work, and you save the money.

No Hidden Fees

You may have realized that hidden fees are one of the dirty secrets of floral industry technology. In addition to charging you for the use of their software many POS vendors charge a significant additional fee by forcing you to use the merchant service provider that gives them the biggest kickback.

Not FloristWare. We give you almost unlimited options so that you are always in control


The savings can be huge. We have had clients switch to FloristWare while still making payments on their old POS system, and it still saved them money overall because it was costing them so much less to process their credit cards through FloristWare.

Our approach means you are always in charge! It is so easy to change the processing option in FloristWare that you can always be on the lookout for better rates and switch on a moments notice to take advantage of a better deal.


Partial Integration (Good)

With a partial integration phone orders are handled within FloristWare. You enter the card details and FloristWare processes the card.

When taking in-person (card-present sales) sales FloristWare tells you owe much is owed. You then enter this amount into a non-integrated payment terminal, wait for the customer to complete the payment and tell FloristWare when it is complete.


  • Complete freedom when selecting merchant service provider (as long as they can provide an gateway account this will work) and payment terminal hardware


  • gateway account is required, this is set up by your merchant service provider and they may charge an additional fee
  • Less convenient, you have to enter the amount owing into the payment terminal and tell FloristWare when it is complete
  • More potential for human error

Full Integration (Best)

With a full integration both card-present (in-person) sales and phone orders are handled by FloristWare.

In the case of phone orders the user enters the card details and FloristWare processes it.

When taking in-person sales FloristWare tells a compatible swiper/terminal how much is owed and waits for the customer to complete the payment.


  • Faster & more convenient, you don't ever need to enter the amount owing into the payment terminal
  • Less possibility of human error


  • Some limitation of options, if you want a fully integrated smart terminal you will have to choose from one of two two carefully vetted and time-tested merchant service providers.

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