Florist 2.0 Community (formerly FlowerChat)

The Florist 2.0 Community (formerly FlowerChat) remains the largest online destination for florists with distinct advantages over Facebook groups.

Now called the Florist 2.0 Community, what was originally known as FlowerChat was founded well over a decade ago by Ryan Freeman, a fourth generation florist, SEO expert and creator of the Florist 2.0 ecommerce website platform for florists.

FlowerChat was not the first bulletin board for florists, but it quickly became the biggest and most popular, that to some very wise decisions early on. There was no anonymous posting – all participants had to be verified and effectively sign their name to everything, and the creation of fictitious accounts was strictly forbidden by the terms of service. The site was also moderated by some very smart people. This all had the effect of ensuing that the conversation, while at times heated, was always civil.

There is a little less activity on the new Florist 2.0 Community than the old FlowerChat. Must of the social conversation has moved to social media, primarily the many different florist groups on Facebook.

This migration was seen well in advance, and in fact welcomed, by the founder of FlowerChat. It let the Florist 2.0 Community get back to what it did best – a meaningful exchange of ideas.

Facebook groups are a great place to chat with peers, vent about frustrations, etc. FlowerChat and the Florist 2.0 Community are different. It's not uncommon to see posts of hundreds or even thousands of words, complete with charts, images and other attachments.

And all of this valuable content can be searched – something that Facebook groups simply aren't designed for.

It is a remarkable collection of information – tens of thousands of posts from thousands of florists, including great long form content from industry experts.


Last Updated: 05/10/2021