Directory of Floral Design Competitions By Location

Interested in attending or participating in a floral design competition? Browse this directory for more information on competitions that might be accessible to you.


The Maple Leaf Cup

Founded by Heather de Kok of Heather de Kok Floral Design the Maple Leaf Cup is an open competition. Though the number of entries is capped any Canadian citizen with an FTD member shop can apply to participate. Typically the winner will represent Canada & FTD at Interflora World Cup.




The Florint Eurofleurs competition helps launch the careers of talented young floral designers. While Europa Cup competitors are typically experienced designers, Eurofleurs gives rising stars the opportunity to take their first steps on an international stage.

Europa Cup

Typically sponsored by Florint and the floral association of an individual host country the Europa Cup brings together twenty highly skilled designers, each representing a Florint member country. Competitors each create six designs.

FleurEx Competition

Each year the British Florist Association holds a design competition as part of the annual FleurEx convention. It includes four individual competitions as well as a separate student competition open to designers with less than 3 years experience who are currently studying floristry at an accredited College or Training School. All competition winners receive a trophy and prize money.

Interflora World Cup

Probably the biggest and most prestigious design competition in the floral industry the Interflora World Cup takes place once every four years. A different host city is chosen for each event and have included Manchester, Berlin and Philadelphia.


United States

Arkansas Cup

The Arkansas Cup competition, held each year during Arkansas Florists Association Convention determines who gets named Arkansas Designer of the Year. Participation is open to association members that have either CF/AIFD certification or have placed first or second in the entry-level Arkansas Scholarship Design Competition. The winner of the Arkansas Cup is awarded a very generous prize package.


Arkansas Scholarship Design Competition

This entry-level floral design competition is intended as an introduction to the Arkansas floral design competition circuit. Any designer that places first or second in this competition can then compete in the Arkansas Cup in the future. The Arkansas Scholarship Design Competition takes place during the annual AFA convention.


Gateway To The Americas Cup

Founded by Gus & Deborah Delaflor the Gateway to the Americas Cup, an invitation only design competition, brings the best and the brightest floral artists from all over the world to represent their respective countries. It involves five different designs spread over three gruelling days of intense competition. Winners have gone on to compete in the Interflora World Cup, with some becoming luminaries in the industry – designers like Ivan Moreno (Colombia), Tanus Saab (Brazil), Leopoldo Gomez (Mexico) and Paul Jaras (Canada).

Gateway is often held in conjunction with the Florida State Florists (FSFA) Convention, but it has also travelled to Las Vegas, Cancun, Holambra (Brazil), and Vancouver. Again FloristWare is honored that Gateway has chosen our competition scoring system to manage their prestigious competition.


Great Lakes Floral & Event Expo Designer of the Year

Each year, in early March, the Great Lakes Floral Association hosts their Designer of the Year Contest. There are four divisions:

  • Student (High School)

  • Student (College)

  • Professional

  • Academy

The Professional division includes involves separate themes (designs) while the others involve only one each. The Academy division is only open to designers that have accumulated a certain amount of points in the Professional division (the others are open to anyone that qualifies), and at which point they can only compete at the Academy level.

The GLFEE is one of the best shows in the industry and their Designer of the Year Contest is just one more great reason to participate. Starts have truly been born here, and it is a great place for any designer in the great lakes region to get their start.

FloristWare is also honored that the GLFA uses our design competition scoring app to manage their contest.

Mid-America Cup

The Mid-America Cup is a unique in that it is the only floral design competition that invites one representative from each state. Other countries, including Mexico and Colombia, have also been represented. In 2023 the AFA (Arkansas Florist Association) will use the FloristWare design contest scoring app to evaluate entries in the Mid-America Cup.