European Master Certified (EMC)

Founded in 2011 by Tomas De Bruyne & Hitomi Gilliam EMC is focused on craftsmanship and the floral design process.

European Master Certified alumni have made their mark on the floral industry across the globe, routinely compete at the highest international levels and are recognized as leaders in the Floral Art World. Graduates are certified by the Belgium Chamber of Commerce as well as The Royal Belgium Floral Association and earn the right to use the "EMC" post-nominals and be referred to as a "European Master Certified" designer.

EMC offers a 3-part core program (even though they are based in Belgium the course is taught in English) that is focused on craftsmanship and the floral design process and helps students unleash their creativity and develop their own signature design style. The first two parts are taught online (each taking approximately eight weeks) while the third involves nine days of in-person instruction in Belgium.

Interested designers should visit the EMC website or reach out to them at [email protected].