FLORINT: The International Florist Association

FLORINT (International Florist Organization) is an umbrella organization that represents the national florist associations of 20+ European countries.

The International Florist Organization, also known as FLORIST, is an umbrella organisation. They organize and politically represent their members, the national florist associations of 20+ European countries.

FLORINT is the recognized representative body of the floral industry in the European Commission. They lobby on behalf of their member floral associations; promote the healthy development of the floral industry and articulate and defend its strategic interests.



Prior to 2009 the body now known as the International Florist Organisation FLORINT was called the “European Federation of Professional Florists’ Associations” or FEUPF. This organization was founded in Strasbourg in 1956 by a small number of national florist associations from different countries that were concerned about the implications of advancing European integration on their industry. They also recognized that with cooperation could come new opportunities.

Now, more than 50 years later, Florint represents the national florist associations of more than 20 European countries, with applications from several other countries (both inside and outside Europe) pending.

This means that FLORINT  represents a very significant part of European industry. Approximately 100,000 European florists combine to generate approximately 15 billion Euros annually, with more than 350,000 people earning their living in European flower shops.


Mission Statement

Florint’s mission is to facilitate the development and prosperity of our florist member associations – and, by extension, the entire floristry sector. We want to support our members professionally, to optimally represent their interests towards public organisations (particularly the European Commission), and to contribute to their increasing proficiency and craftsmanship.


The guiding principles of FLORINT include:

• Creation of added value for member national florist associations.

• Articulate and defend the strategic interests of the European floral retail industry.

• Safeguard and promote the healthy development of the floristry industry worldwide.



Contests breed innovation as competitors are challenged to explore new styles, techniques and materials. This kind of professional competition, driving innovation, is of utmost importance for the survival of businesses, especially in difficult economic times. As a result many creative industries organize competitions and Florint continues this tradition.


The Europa Cup

The organization of a European competition for florists has been a Fleurint priority since it was founded in 1956. The resulting ‘Europa Cup’ European Floristry Championship is now well-established and highly respected. It takes place approximately every four years.



Similar to the Europa Cup ‘Eurofleurs’ European Championship, an event for young florists, has also become a popular contest that draws interest from many countries in Europe and beyond. The first Young European Florist Championship took place in the UK in 1998 and was a genuine success, garnering accolades from attendants, contestants and the press alike.


Member Association Competitions

Many of the national associations that comprise FLORINT also have their own design competitions.


Member Associations




Logo of FLORINT – the International Florist Organization.

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