NAFA 2015 Annual Meeting – San Antonio, TX

Oct 03rd - All Day
Oct 04th - All Day
Oct 05th - All Day
OMNI LA MANSION DEL RIO - 112 College Street, San Antonio TX 78205

From October the 3-5 the member of NAFA, National Alliance of Floral Associations, will meet in San Antonio to become better at serving their florist members.


Again this year the leaders of associations serving US florists will come together at the NAFA annual conference to learn, network and share… then return to their associations better able to serve their florist members.

Last year the meeting took place on beautiful Mackinac Island, MI, this year it is in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting is open to NAFA board members and the executive staff of US floral associations. The cost is just $100 per person, and annual dues for associations are just $50.


Day 1: Saturday October 3

The National Designer of the Year competition. The winners of state and regional floral design competitions compete for the title National Designer of the Year at Greenleaf Wholesale Florist in San Antonio, Texas. The winner (announced at the dinner later the same night) receives $600, with $300 and $100 going to second and third place respectively. Contestants should fill out the enclosed entry form. To be qualified all entry forms must be received in the MFA office by 9.24.15. $125 entry fee includes Saturday night dinner.


Day 2: Sunday October 4

Meetings, with the focus on a workshop that will help floral association executives in their efforts to recruit new board members, and provide ideas to energize associations and volunteers. The goal is practical takeaway ideas that attendees can implement in their own associations. Another highlight is a session where each association will have several minutes to quickly present the best and worst (most disappointing) things that happened in their organization over the past year.


Day 3: Monday October 4

The third day will cover a wide range of topics including membership, benefits, communications, legislation and lobbying, education and certification, meetings and conventions, floral marketing, finances, and much more. For the most part this will involve roundtable discussions covering the following:

  • Conventions/Trade Shows
  • Giving Recognition & Awards
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Association Websites & Social Media
  • Educational Events: Hands On & Business
  • Certification
  • Membership Campaigns
  • Association Communications: Print & Electronic
  • Creating Association Programs: What Do Members Want?
  • Marketing Your Association to Non-Members
  • Budgeting & Keeping Good Financial
  • Reports/Records
  • How to Do the Form 990 Federal Return

The heart and soul of San Antonio is found along its River Walk. It is lined with lush green spaces, bustling restaurants, art, shopping and attractions. The NAFA Conference will take place at the Onmi La Mansion Del Rio located on the River Walk.



The Omni La Mansion Del Rio is four-diamond hotel located on the famous San Antonio River Walk, a renowned Cultural Arts District. The Designer of the Year Competition takes place at Greenleaf Wholesale Florist in San Antonio.