How Florists Can Profit From Funeral Industry Trends

Kathy Dudley of The Bloomery attended the National Funeral Directors Association Convention. Here she shares how florists can profit from industry trends.

Kathy Dudley of the Bloomery in Butler PA recently joined some other florists (including Melissa Mega and Clay Atchison III) to meet with members of the National Funeral Directors Association at their 2011 International Convention & Expo.

The goal was to learn how florists could stay ahead of changes in the floral industry and not just hold on to but actually increase their sympathy business. It as also about understanding what it is that funeral directors look for in a florist – tips on how to become the favorite florist of your local funeral director.

Kathy was generous enough to share this information in a live webinar on March 1. The content was recorded and is presented below, in a variety of formats.

Funeral Industry Trends And NFDA Findings

Kathy Dudley of the Bloomery shares her findings as one of the SAF delegates at the recent National Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention. Valuable information on how to get more sympathy business by being the florist that local funeral directors want to work with.

Download this File

Download an audio file of Kathy's webinar and learn how your flower shop can take advantage of trends in the funeral industry and become the preferred florist of your local funeral directors.

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Download the slides from the webinar in pdf format.

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Download the PowerPoints slides from the webinar.

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