Increase Valentine's Day Order Values

Increase Valentine's order values at your flower shop with this webinar from FloralStrategies – presented exclusively for FloristWare clients. 

Tim Huckabee is the best sales trainer in the floral industry. For almost fifteen years his company FloralStrategies has been provided a variety of sales training options to florists – everything from in-store training to webinars.

Tim has graciously recorded a webinar, exclusively for FloristWare clients, designed to help them increase order values this Valentine's Day.

The material appears below, in a number of formats. You can listen to an audio-only podcast here on the site, or download it and listen while stuck in traffic. There is is also a video of the webinar embedded below, and you have the option of downloading the slides from the session in either pdf or ppt format using the links provided.

We hope that this material helps you have a great Valentine's Day at your flower shop.

Increasing Valentine's Day Order Values With FloralStrategies

FloralStrategies founder (and the best sales trainer in the floral industry) Tim Huckabee shares time tested tips for increasing average order values and improving customer service at Valentine's Day.

Download this File

Download an audio file of this webinar and learn how your flower shop can increase values and improve customer service this Valentine's Day.

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Download the slides from this webinar in pdf format.

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Download the PowerPoints slides from this webinar.

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