The Ideal POS System For Canadian Florists

FloristWare is the only independent floral POS system that has full-time employees in Canada that understand Canadian taxes & nuances and bills in CAD.

While there are many floral-specific POS systems there is only one that offers...

Canadian Employees That Understand Canadian Issues

FloristWare has dedicated full time support employees in both the US and Canada, and our Canadian support professionals are ideally suited to help Canadian florists with issues specific to being a florist in Canada. Things like...

A Thorough Understanding Of Canadian Sales Taxes

Canadian sales taxes are unlike anything in the USA. For example American florists don't have even have to deal with one national sales tax, Canadian flower shops have to deal with two (GST & HST). That means that American POS systems that dabble in the Canadian market don't really handle Canadian taxes properly, and their support agents done't really understand them. Instead they settle for inconvenient workarounds and hacks that can leave Canadian florists exposed to expensive errors and penalties.

Proper Integration Of The Canadian Debit Card (Interac) System

In Canada debit card transaction are processed through Interac, a Canadian interbank network created solely for this purpose. POS systems from the US (where retailers use entirely different networks that see debit and credit cards handled the same way) do not properly integrate with Interac to provide a fluid process when taking payment by debit card.

Canadian Address Verification & Route Optimization

American POS systems generally use address geolocation services that do not work with Canadian addresses, making features like address verification & route optimization unusable. Given the higher fuel costs that Canadian florists have to contend with these services are essential.

Canadian Florists Pay in Canadian Dollars

Canadian florists pay in Canadian $ billed through a Canadian bank. Our CAD prices our a little higher than our USD prices, but still less expensive than our USD prices + exchange, and there are no surprises due to currency fluctuations or added expenses in the form of foreign transaction fees,