Powerful, Affordable & Easy-To-Use POS For Florists

The FloristWare POS/Shop Management System saves retail florists time & money while increasing sales & profits.

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You Need To Get This Right

Choosing a POS system is one of the most important decisons you can make. For more than a decade FloristWare has been helping florists fall back in love with the flower business by...

  • streamlining and automating the operation of their flower shop
  • saving time and money while increasing sales and profits
  • improving customer service, loyalty and retention
  • helping them take back control of their business

Save Time and Money, Increase Sales & Profits

You tell us what you're looking for, we'll let you know if FloristWare can help.



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How FloristWare Helps Florists

Most florists are interested in one or more of the following. FloristWare helps with all of them.

Save Time and Money...

... by streamlining and automating repetitive & time-consuming tasks FloristWare frees up your time and reduces your labor costs.

Increase Sales & Profits...

... with powerful features that help you generate more sales and bigger order values from existing customers and also attracting new customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

... with powerful tools that reinforce your brand, enhance your reputation and make your customers less likely to go to your competition.

Take Back Your Business

Feel like you are being held hostage by your wire service POS system? FloristWare puts you back in control of your business.

The vendor is superb - friendly, responsive and dedicated to the support of their customers. Floristware is a partner in my business, not just a tool.

Annette Hentz
Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts

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Fed Up With The High Cost Of Your Wire Service POS System?

You don't have to pay wire service prices to get great POS and support.

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Frustrated By The Limitations Your Independent POS System?

Independent POS does not have to be a compromise.

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Ready To Try A POS System Built For Florists For The First Time?

It's a tough transition but we've helped hundreds of florists through it.

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The kind of company you want to work with...

• We don't sell flowers and never compete with you in any way

• No Contracts, No Commitments

• Expert North American Development & Support

• We support the organizations you care about (SAF, AIFD & many more)

Powerful Features That Are Also Easy To Use

A rotary phone is easy to use. Try it once and you feel like you've mastered it, but the truth is that there wasn't much to master and it will always limit you.

What you need are powerful features that are also easy to use. And this is what clients tell us they love about FloristWare – that it makes doing amazing things easy. They don't want to enter orders into their website and pretend it is a real POS system – they want POS software that we designed and built to help them be more successful.

Windows & Mac Compatible

The only floral POS system that works on both Microsoft Windows and macOS without having to settle for a browser-based app.

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Credit Card Freedom

We don't force you to use the merchant services provider that gives us the biggest kickback. We work with the one that gives you the best deal.

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Powerful, Floral-Specific Reporting

Get real insight into your flower business with powerful reporting tools that make it easy to make informed decisions.

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Flower Shop Network Compatible

FloristWare is fully integrated with Flower Shop Network. Send and receive florist-to-florist and website orders quickly and easily.

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Shopify Website Integration

Florists can connect their Shopify websites and receive their web orders in FloristWare.

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FloristWare helps increase order values and customer satisfaction by making it easy to follow the FloralStrategies process.

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Mapping & Delivery Management

See your deliveries on a map and optimize the most efficient routes but still be able to customize and prioritize specific stops. 

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Mobile Flower Delivery App

Send deliveries to a new mobile delivery app that helps your drivers get there faster, capture a signature, send real-time delivery confirmations and more.

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OnFleet Delivery Management/Driver Tracking

High volume shops can send their orders to the industry-leading OnFleet delivery management and driver tracking platform.

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Real Time Delivery Confirmations

Delight your customers and reduce "are they there yet?" calls with real time delivery confirmations sent from our mobile delivery app.

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GravityFree Website Integration

Connect your GravityFree website to FloristWare and make preparing, delivering, confirming and reporting on your web orders fast, easy, and affordable.

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Automated Printer/Paper Source Selection

FloristWare automatically sends print jobs (receipts, enclosure cards, tickets, etc.) to the correct printer and deals with print dialog boxes so you don't have to.

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Fed Up With The High Cost Of Your Wire Service POS System?

You don't have to pay wire service prices to get a quality POS and great service.


FloristWare offers you the benefits of wire service POS...

  • Dedicated, expert North American support
  • Ongoing development
  • Refined, professional software

Without all the problems...

  • No contracts or commitments
  • No crazy statements or outrageous fees
  • We don't compete against you

I wish that we had found FloristWare before investing in (wire service POS system).

Michael Champion – Owner, Rose Petals Florist NC

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Expert North American Support

We hire only support agents with at least ten years experience in the flower business, based right here in North America.

Gift Cards

Increase sales with the most powerful options in the floral industry for selling, reloading, adjusting and tracking physical and virtual gift cards.

Printer Automation

FloristWare automatically sends different print jobs to the correct printer and deals with print dialog boxes so you don't have to.

Security That Protects Your Interests

FloristWare gives you precise control over what each individual employee can see and do. Control access to your most sensitive and valuable information.

Delivery Routing & Optimization

FloristWare makes it easy to map and optimize your deliveries automatically while also allowing you the freedom to route/order them manually.

Multiple Orders In Each Sale

Sometimes customers want to place multiple orders in one sale. Only FloristWare lets you do that without difficult hacks and workarounds.

Split Tender Payments

FloristWare makes it easy to split a sale across multiple payments and methods in case people want to use different cards or share the cost of a purchase.

Enclosure Card Options

Long after the flowers have died the enclosure card lives on. FloristWare gives you tools to customize and make them them a powerful extension of your brand.

Integrate Ecommerce Websites

FloristWare integrates with the best floral ecommerce websites. We want our clients to pick and choose from the best options in all categories.

Employee Timeclock

A powerful timeclock makes it easy to track and review the hours your employees work and their payment.


A true General Ledger and other accounting features that will reduce the time and money you spend on bookkeeping, accountants and sales tax returns.

Cloud... If You Want It

If you want to use FloristWare in the cloud you can. If you want to keep the data in your store and be less dependent on the internet that is fine too.

Customized Production Documents

Makes life easier with unprecedented control over your worksheets & delivery lists. Choose what & how the information is displayed.

Sales Tax Exemptions & Reporting

Easily apply (and accurately account for) sales taxes and sales tax exemptions based on customer, product and destination, automatically or adjusted on the fly.


FloristWare gives florists powerful discounting tools to influence how customers spend – getting them to buy more/more often than they planned.

Points/Loyalty & Incentive Programs

FloristWare gives you a powerful points program that keeps customers loyal, increases their spending, and lets you influence their buying behavior. 

Consignment Sales

Consignment sales can be a great source of revenue and FloristWare makes it easy to track them and pay your consignment partners.

Ultimate Navigation

Flowers shops are busy and you are rarely doing the same thing for long. FloristWare makes it easire to bounce around and back and forth between tasks.

Speed & Performance

FloristWare runs fast. It doesn't keep you waiting and you don't keep your customers waiting.

Charge Accounts

Powerful features for managing and billing charge accounts as well as applying late payment fees and interest charges.

Delivery Charges

Now more than ever you have to watch costs and make money where you can. No system gives you more options for ensuring profitable delivery fees.

Customized Recipes & Invoices

Customize your receipts, invoices and more so that they reflect your professionalism, brand and style.

Customized Production Documents

Not ready for the mobile delivery app? Customize your delivery list template so it includes the information you believe most important to your drivers.

Powerful Customer Management/Deduping

Your customer list is one of your most valuable assets and FloristWare helps you keep it in great shape with advanced deduplication tools.

Integrate Custom Websites

Shops with fully custom websites can have those orders come straight in to FloristWare for production, delivery management and more.

Data Enrichment

Increase sales with powerful data enrichment tools that help you better understand and market to your customers.

Private Dedicated Server

High volume shops can choose to have a dedicated private server exclusive to their data.

Apple Pay

Allow your customers to pay with their Apple Watch or iPhone using Apple Pay.

Google Pay

Allow your customers to pay with their Android devices using Google Pay.

EMV/Chip & Pin Payment Terminals

Reduce fraud & chargebacks and lower your processing costs with EMV/Chip & Pin payments.

Enhanced Delivery Confirmations

Improve customer service and satisfaction, spend less time on "are they there yet?" calls with enhanced delivery confirmations.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Quickly generate highly targeted lists for your marketing campaign, ready for your favourite email marketing program.

Multiple Store Support

FloristWare makes it easy to share data and transfer orders between stores, while also letting you report on and account for each store separately.

Order Relay/Wire Service Integration

Easily send and receive orders using the best providers of relay services in the flowers business.

Order Taking

Save time and money, improve customer satisfaction and increase order values with tools that accelerate and optimize the order taking process.

Production Management

Reduce errors and increase efficiency – track and follow each order through its entire lifecycle using the steps that are relevant to your operation.

Task Management

Create and assign individual or sets of tasks/to-dos to your employees to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

Care Instructions

Automatically print care instructions (that you can create and/or modify) appropriate to the product on your enclosure cards & delivery tickets.

Enclosure Card Gift Copies

Design a secondary enclosure card/ticket that will be printed automatically for the event type(s) (typically funerals) that you specify.

Mailchimp Integration

Use the powerful marketing tools in FloristWare to build lists and have them sync to Mailchimp.

Bar Codes

Easily create/scan bar codes for ringing in sales or finding sales, orders, items, accounts and more.

Crockett Myers Accounting Report

The floral accounting specialists at Crockett Myers are the best in the business and FloristWare sends them all the reports they need with just two clicks.

Bookkeeping Handoff

Automagically gather up and send your bookkeeper/accountant the reports they need with just a couple of clicks.

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If we're missing something please let us know.

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Frustrated By The Limitations Your Independent POS System?

Independent POS does not have to be a compromise.

FloristWare offers you the benefits of independent POS...

  • Affordable
  • Responsive
  • Accountable

Without all the headaches...

  • No inexperienced or outsourced support
  • No language or time zone issues
  • No outdated amateurish software
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Testimonials from our clients...

"Excellent POS setup for florists who are looking for an independent software company. Easy to set up and excellent tech support."

- Cory Leitz Milwaukie Floral Owner

"I cannot speak highly enough of the tech support they’re absolutely wonderful!!! I can’t recommend them highly enough."

- Christi Brown Roses Are Red and Love in Bloom Owner

"The best thing since pen and paper. Thanks FloristWare for bringing flowers out of the dark ages!"

- Rivers Reid Blossoms Rosedale Owner

"I am loving FloristWare and learning more about the capabilities every day."

- Lisa Pritchett Lillium Florals | National Retail Florist of the Year Owner

"I absolutely love FloristWare, and the support staff, and would highly recommend it to anyone asking."

- Erin Evans Petals Plus Owner

"I have worked with this software for years. I have visited dozens of shops running FloristWare and they're all happy with the product, the support and the continual development."

- Tim Huckabee AIFSM Floral Strategies Industry Trainer & Founder

"FloristWare is a wonderful product and would recommended it highly."

- Mary Grammel Mary G’s Floral & Gifts Owner

Experienced, Dedicated North American Support Makes Your Life Easier

When you need help you don't have time to deal with language issues, time zone delays or inexperienced agents.

We hire only experienced, full-time support professionals with at least ten years experinces in the retail flower business to make lif easier for our clients.


Thanks for always being there for support!!!  You are awesome.

Lisa Pritchett – Owner, Lilium Floral Designs

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More testimonials from our clients...

"The reason we chose FloristWare is simple: it’s easy to use AND powerful. It leads order takers through the entire customer care process and then tracks the progress of the order from the design room to the delivery van and to the final destination. The marketing tools allow us to automatically remind customers of their special events and with a built in customer history, reorders are a snap!"

- James L. Lowe, AIFD, CFD Lowes Floral Owner

"I highly recommend this for shops that need an affordable point of sale system with many features."

- Darrel Ueno La Jolla Village Florist Owner

"Your customer service is always superb. It is truly the best part of FloristWare!"

- Rachel Terry May Concept Flower Manager

"FloristWare is a life-saver for any size florist. It’s easy with navigation, record keeping and ease of learning for our team. The program is a God-Send to our daily operation."

- Keith McClung Crown Florals Owner

"I love you guys and am grateful to have you on my side."

- Amra Kolasinac Scent & Violet Owner

We Know You're Looking Around...

And that's good. This is a big decision and you should. Plus - the more systems you see the better FloristWare looks.

But... before you commit to something that will start disappointing you as soon as you use it please have a chat with us first.


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FloristWare is the system preferred by the most respected trainers and consultants in the floral industry.

"FloristWare is great for a shop of any size, easily adaptable from the ‘Mom and Pop’ to the 5-store chain. I have used every major POS and think FloristWare is one of the easiest to explain, demonstrate and get the staff not just using but enjoying. I was surprised to find how easy and simple to use FloristWare is on the order entry side yet it offers cutting edge features like email delivery confirmations."

- Tim Huckabee AIFSM Floral Strategies Founder

"At last! A POS system that’s perfect for florists. It captures important customer information and provides the necessary tools to use that data to increase sales. It’s so simple to set up and easy to use! If I can do it, you can do it! Fits into anyone’s budget - very affordable!"

- Beverly Woodburn “The Flower Shop Lady” Respected Trainer & Business Coach