Order Gatherers and drop shippers deliver lousy product to the recipient but great service to the customer. FloristWare gives you powerful tools to beat them at their own game.


The strange nature of the flower business means that OG's and drop shippers can take better care of customers (not recipients but customers) which encourages repeat business at your expense.

 Here are some strange facts about floral retail that allow order-gatherers and drop-shippers to thrive at the expense of real local florists like you.

• The quality of the product varies. When you order a book from Amazon you know exactly what you are going to get. The product itself is consistent. Flowers are not - the quality will depend on how the order is delivered and filled.

• The customer (the person who pays for the flowers) is usually not the recipient (the person who receives the flowers). In fact in many cases the customer won't even see the product that was delivered and, in the case of drop-shipped product, they will almost never see it in it's raw form - the recipient will have done their best to prep the flowers before the customer actually sees them.


This means that the customer assumes the quality they saw in the unrealistic image the saw online and, not getting to see the final product, they don't realize they were shortchanged.

That means that their buying behaviour will be based on how well their needs are met as a customer, and not on the quality of the florists.

That is bad news! Because while most real florists will deliver great work that blows away drop-shipped product the OG's and drop shippers do a better job of taking care of the customer. Not realizing that the quality is not there the customer chooses the best service experience at the expense of great product.