We're Flower Buyers Too!

December 21, 2014 at 11:47 AM


Sending flowers isn't just something we love, but something we believe is an important part of supporting our clients and the industry as a whole.


Most of us at FloristWare have been in the flower business for a very long time and we truly love flowers. A few people, on the technical side, have less history with flowers but we're doing our best to convert them. We want everybody here to be a flower champion, somebody that loves buying and sending flowers as much as we know people love receiving them.

In fact we want everybody to buy more flowers. That is the reason behind the Bring Flowers and Better, Fresher, Faster efforts – to educate people about the upside of giving flowers, and education them on the importance of using real local florists.

We buy a lot of flowers, and always from real local florists. Every employee gets flowers on their birthday (something everybody seems to love), if they are sick, etc. We send a lot of flowers to our clients too. That is always interesting, ordering flowers for delivery to someone in that same shop, and a great way to save on delivery.

We also try and keep as much money as possible in the community, in the hands of people that are most likely to buy flowers (and support other local businesses as well). All of our employees are in North America, where they are likely to spend their salaries. We could save a lot of money by outsourcing development and support, but the quality would not be as good and we'd be spending money overseas, to people that would never be buying flowers in North America.

Not everyone in this industry feels the same way. One company passionately explains why it is vital to shop local, especially for flowers, from a website they had built overseas. It probably saved them some money, but it sure isn't leading by example, especially when there are so many North American companies doing great floral websites.

It's a small thing, but something we're passionate about. We're your customers too.