FloristWare Version 1.5

The first major update of FloristWare v1.5 included many new features and improvements, based almost entirely on feedback from real local florists. Florists like you were actively creating the floral POS system they always wanted.

Version 1.5 was a very important release in the history of the FloristWare POS system. It was - after the release of many smaller updates focussing on stability and usability - the first major update after the initial 1.0 release and included many new features and improvements.

More important was the fact that with this version the direction of FloristWare changed forever. Instead of trying to build the system we thought florists wanted we were now - with the benefit of an overwhelming amount of insight and feedback from our growing number of clients - building the system that real florists needed.

The individual features and changes have been archived but this was an important release for FloristWare and our florist clients.