FGmarket: An Online Tradeshow for Florists

FGmarket gives retail florists a quick and easy way to connect with the suppliers and wholesalers that can help them be more profitable.

About FGmarket

Ever since 2003, FGmarket has been a reliable online tradeshow for wholesalers and suppliers across the country. The idea behind FGmarket was to give independant retail stores and unique boutiques a way to connect with suppliers and wholesalers that meet their needs. 

With Flower Shop Network as their parent company, they noticed local shops needed a better way to find suppliers and wholesalers, without having to leave their store. From the comfort of their computer, an average of 20,000 visitors search through our community of wholesalers per day to find everything they need for their business. FGmarket makes helping your busniess their business.

"What's the Buzz" Blog

FGmarket's official blog, and a way to keep up with the latest trends in the evergrowing floricultutre industry.

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Last Updated: 05/21/2021