FloristWare is full of features all designed to help florists save time and money while increasing sales and profits. Here are just a few...

FloristWare has a lot of features. They are the result of working with a lot of really smart florists for a long time. They come to us with great ideas for features – sometimes things that will make most everything faster, easier and more efficient every single day, sometimes things that will be a lifesaver when weird situations come up.

Most Talked About Right Now

These are the features we're hearing about the most when talking to new clients, which is a pretty good indicator that this is what florists are most ineterested in right now.



Choose the right balance of cloud vs. local/on-premise for the perfect balance of security & performance in your specific situation.
Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Processing
With FloristWare you can use whatever credit card processor/merchant services provider you like. You find the best deal, we'll make it work, and you'll save money.
Cross-Platform (Windows/Mac) Compatibility
Cross-Platform (Windows/Mac) Compatibility
FloristWare is fully featured flower shop software that works on the operating systems you know and are comfortable with: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
Delivery Management/Route Optimization
Delivery Management/Route Optimization
See your deliveries on a map and optimize the most efficient routes but still be able to customize and prioritize specific stops.
FloralStrategies Order Process
FloralStrategies Order Process
FloristWare helps increase order values and customer satisfaction by making it easy to follow the FloralStrategies process.
The First And Best FSN Website/Relay Integration For Florists
The First And Best FSN Website/Relay Integration For Florists
FloristWare was the first POS to integrate with Flower Shop Network and remains the best way for FSN member florists to send & receive relay/web orders.
Gift Cards: The Ideal Solution For Florists
Gift Cards: The Ideal Solution For Florists
All the benefits of gift cards with none of extra costs, reporting headaches or tax problems.
Mobile Floral Delivery App
Mobile Floral Delivery App
Reduce costs and errors, improve customer satisfaction with our mobile floral delivery app for your drivers.
OnFleet Integration For Florists
OnFleet Integration For Florists
High volume shops can send their orders to the OnFleet delivery management and driver tracking platform for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Powerful Reports Make It Easy To Make The Right Decisions
Powerful Reports Make It Easy To Make The Right Decisions
Reports are the feedback that let you steer your business in the right direction. You need reports that let you make the right decisions in less time.
Serious Security & Access Control
Serious Security & Access Control
Your data is valuable and FloristWare gives you powerful options to protect it. Your employees can only see and do as much as they need to.
Shopify Integration
Shopify Integration
Orders placed on your Shopify website can flow right into FloristWare where you get the benefit of all the features florists need.
Real Time Delivery Confirmations
Real Time Delivery Confirmations
Delight your customers and reduce "are they there yet?" calls with real time delivery confirmations sent from our mobile delivery app.
Powerful Sales Tax Calculation, Reporting and Compliance
Powerful tools ensure florists calculate & apply the correct sales taxes while making sales tax reporting & compliance easier than you imagined possible.
Integration With The Best Ecommerce Websites For Florists
Florists deserve the best so FloristWare integrates with the best ecommerce websites and online flower stores.
Accounts: Invoices, Statements & Interest/Penalties Made Easy
Florists understand the advantage of house/charge accounts. FloristWare gets you paid faster and makes billing, accounting & penalties easy.
Integration With GravityFree FlowerManager Websites
Integration With GravityFree FlowerManager Websites
Save time and reduce mistakes by connecting your GravityFree website to FloristWare, and eliminate the thousands in monthly fees charged by wire services.

Also Popular...

Accounting: Simple Yet Powerful
FloristWare takes accounting seriously but makes it easy, with a true GL and features that will save you time and reduce bookkeeping & accounting expenses.

Accounts: Invoices, Statements & Interest/Penalties Made Easy
Florists understand the advantage of house/charge accounts. FloristWare gets you paid faster and makes billing, accounting & penalties easy.

Address Autocomplete/Verification: Save Time, Reduce Mistakes
In addition to keeping track of your most common destinations (hospitals, etc.) FloristWare autocompletes & verifies addresses to save time & reduce mistakes.

Advertising/Promotion Tracker: Maximize Your Marketing Efforts
FloristWare makes it easy to track your marketing efforts so you can take money from the ones that don't work and put it in to the ones that do.

Apple Pay: Let Customers Pay With iPhones & Apple Watches
FloristWare makes it easy for your customers to pay with their iPhones and Apple Watches and have a more modern checkout experience.

Bar Codes: For So Much More Than Just Checking Out
Bar codes are good for more than just checking out. FloristWare uses them to make billing, production, delivery and more faster & more efficient.

Budget Tool: Happy Customers Without Math Or Mistakes
One of our most popular features! The customer gives you their total budget, FloristWare backs out charges & taxes giving you the product total.

Care Instructions: Making Sure The Flowers Are Cared For
Extend product life and increase customer satisfaction – automatically print care instructions appropriate to the product on enclosure cards.

Consignment Sales: Profitable Is Finally Made Simple
Consignment sales can be profitable but a nightmare to manage. FloristWare makes it easy to track them & pay your consignment partners.

Contact Management/Deduping: Taking Care Of A Hidden Asset
Your customer list is one of your most valuable assets. FloristWare helps you keep it in great shape with advanced deduplication tools.

Customized Production Documents: Exactly What You Want
Customize your production worksheets, delivery lists, etc. so they include the information you want, sized and formatted the way you like.

Customized Receipts, Invoices & More: Reinforce Your Brand
Customize your customer facing documents to reflect your professionalism, brand and style... and give you an edge over the competition.

Delivery Charges: Maximum Options & Profitability
Calculate delivery fees by place, ZIP, custom zones and/or charge by distance. Unprecedented options & flexibility ensure profitable delivery.

Delivery Confirmations: Increase Customer Satisfaction
Improve customer service, spend less time on "are they there yet?" calls with custom, real-time delivery confirmations by email or text.

Discounts: Increase Sales & Shape Customer Behavior
Powerful discounting tools that let you influence how & when customers spend... getting them to buy more and more often than they planned.

Employee Timeclock and Productivity Tracker
Powerful features make it easy to track/review/approve hours worked and calculate wages, with the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

EMV/Chip & Pin Payment Terminals: Faster & Less Expensive
Reduce fraud & chargebacks, lower your processing costs and make checkout more efficient with EMV/Chip & PIN payment terminals.

Enclosure Card Gift Copy: Alternate 2nd Format
Design a secondary alternate enclosure card format that will be printed automatically for event type(s) (typically funerals) that you specify.

Enclosure Card Options: Customization To Reinforce Your Brand
Long after the flowers have died the card lives on. Customization options let you make them a powerful extension of your brand.

Google Pay: Let Customers Pay With Android Devices
FloristWare makes it easy for your customers to pay using Google Pay and their Android devices for a more modern checkout experience.

Mailchimp Integration: Email Marketing Made Fast & Easy
Everyone knows email marketing works but few have the time to do it right. FloristWare makes it easy to build lists and send them to Mailchimp.

Marketing Tools: Reach Out To Customers Most Likely To Buy
Quickly generate highly targeted lists for your marketing campaigns, ready for your favourite email marketing program. 

Multiple Orders In Each Sale: Because It Happens In Real Life
Sometimes customers want to place multiple orders in one sale. Only FloristWare lets you do that without difficult hacks and workarounds.

Multiple Stores: Easily Share Data & Transfer Orders
FloristWare let you share data and transfer orders between stores, while also letting you report on and account for each store separately.

Order Taking: A Faster, Better More Efficient Process
Save time & money, improve customer satisfaction and increase order values with a flexible process proven to accelerate and optimize order taking.

Points, Loyalty and Incentive Programs
FloristWare gives you a powerful points program that keeps customers loyal, increases their spending, and lets you influence their buying behavior. 

Printer Automation: No Clicking Through Print Options
FloristWare automatically sends different print jobs to the correct printer and deals with print dialog boxes so you don't have to.

Production Management
Reduce errors and increase efficiency – track and follow each order through its entire lifecycle using the steps that are relevant to your operation.

Speed & Performance: Save Time, Reduce Frustration
FloristWare runs fast. It doesn't keep you waiting and you don't keep your customers waiting.

Split Tender (Multi-Part) Payments: Built For The Real World
FloristWare makes it easy to split a sale across multiple payments/methods when customer want to use multiple credit cards or split the cost.

Task Management: Checklists That Increase Efficiency
Assign individual or sets of tasks/to-dos to your employees and create simple checklists that ensure proper procedures are followed.

Ultimate Navigation: Save Precious Time & Money
Flowers shops are busy and you are rarely doing the same thing for long. FloristWare makes it easier to bounce around between tasks.

Website Integration: Save Time & Reduce Mistakes
FloristWare integrates with the best floral websites & most popular e-commerce platforms. Save time by having orders flow right into your POS.

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